Terry Turner

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North London 1990's

Terry Turner is a collage artist who was active in the mid-nineties. The collages featured here were cut and glued by hand, and the photographic material was selected from various published sources. Images are colour copies of the surviving originals with the exception of the untitled piece which was damaged by a covering of clear vinyl, and has since been destroyed.

Terry also created a few installations and objects including a set of coins based on old British pennies which were cast. Various people were represented on the face of the coin, and everyday objects on the reverse. Fabric was a recurring theme in his installation pieces, and he often upholstered domestic or industrial items using plush or luxury fabrics as a contrast.

As an artist, Terry found himself in a position many find themselves in. Without validation from critics, peers or galleries, works are sometimes disregarded and deemed to be meaningless or unimportant. Unfortunately, Terry was very susceptible to the views of others, and in the end, it halted his creativity. He eventually headed for East Asia in the early two thousands, and still resides there today.


This playlist features artists and the history of collage as an art form.

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