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Playlist featuring scenes and conversations set in café situations.

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The aim is to compile a collection of short stories, poems and visuals that transport the reader to places with elements of emotion, humour, desperation, shock and surprise that result from those moments of time where inner thoughts are not suppressed, or clouded by everyday distractions. Moments of unguarded and honest observation or reflection.


The aim is to provide a supported outlet for experienced writers as contributors to this independent collective writing project, which then connect back to other outlets or act as examples of work. The format is short stories or poems following a suggested common theme:

The location is an everyday café or coffee house.
The situation is one person sitting alone.
The story is their inner thoughts.

This project also aims to give encouragement to those who are just starting out. The short story format and suggested situation can keep things manageable in terms of time and content. Poems, abstract ideas or your own stories of café encounters, such as overheard conversations or situations, all count as content for this project.

Photographers Illustrators Artists

This project is also about the visual experience. A picture is the most direct way to capture the human condition. As in good story writing, the viewer is left to question or fit the pieces together to understand or connect, or the subjects speak for themselves.

Create a picture following the outlined situation, or contribute any existing images that are relevant to the theme. If you have a website or run a stock photography account, you can link back to all your other media outlets via the free minisite that comes with this project.

Publishing Format

Your creative content is added to an ongoing collection presented as a downloadable pdf in a book format. Readers can read online, download or print. There are plans to print limited runs as ongoing editions as the project goes along. This depends on the amount of funding that can be raised, and if there are enough contributors.

Any Income For the Contributors?

This is more of a creative project than a commercial one. Initially there is no financial return in terms of readers accessing the material. There are no commercial sponsors or adverts. This project is purely for promotional purposes with the aim of introducing writers, photographers and artists to a wider audience.

However, if a certain level of popularity is reached, we will approach contributors and independent publishers with ideas to publish in a way that could raise funds for all, or at least raise more awareness for the project.


Each contributor is provided with their own QR code and direct URL that leads to a free and fully functional minisite where profiles and links can be added.

Funds from Dot World membership go towards hosting the files for this project, and the free promotional minisites offered to each contributor.

New Writers

It is hoped some of the featured links and resources will help to encourage new writers. We can't guarantee your work will be included, but the idea is to get people started on a writing path. A provided theme can be helpful, and the input from others can provide examples to follow.

A Few Basic Terms

For this project to work, we need to consider the readers and the type of content that is acceptable in terms of content and quality. It should be understood that inclusion is not guaranteed. Those with extreme or inappropriate ideas will not be considered.


All content will be marked with each contributor's copyright information. Other than this, there is no further copyright support in the event of a copyright breach. Any dispute is directly between the original creator and the person infringing copyright. All works submitted must be original, or permission for publication documented.


Send us a message indicating your interest and we will get back to you with more details or answer any questions you may have.

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